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Sebastian Huron

CEO at Virbac

Sarah is a very determined leader who puts a tremendous focus on strategy and customer leadership. She has a breadth of knowledge in the agribusiness with a strong commercial business sense and a customer centric culture, including key account management principles. She makes a point to have an impact, to make a difference and leave a sustainable mark through what she does.

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Tessie Phan

Ops Manager at USYD

Sarah role models leadership, and imparts her wealth of knowledge in practical, meaningful and relevant ways. Having Sarah as my mentor has empowered me to take risks, experiment and challenge myself in a tremendously complex work environment. Sarah, in her capacity as a mentor, demonstrates her commitment to positively impacting the cycles of learning and sharing within the community.

Ashima Seth


Sarah is a true strategist at heart and has this amazing ability to think about all aspects of a business problem. I have known her for almost two years and she has guided me (as part of the CEO syndicate) on my personal career journey as well as given insights on how to deal with various business issues in a commercial manner but keeping 'people' at the core of it.

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Organisational step-change strategy requirements, coaching, challenge and collaboration. Tap into 20 years of experience and make it your own.

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